Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TueSday Tune.. :)


Love this song. Check it.

-The GiRl WhO haTes BeiN SicK. -

Little about k.b. :)

If you looked in my head you’d see chaos. Complete and utter chaos. You’d see a list of things I want vs. things I need. You’d see all the stress of little mundane decisions that don’t matter all that much. You’d see it’s the littlest things that make me so happy.  You’d see how much I despise cocky people and fake girls. You'd see how much I do care.  You’d see… all the things I think but never have the courage to say. You’d see what I’ve learned from my past, and what I want in the future.
However if….
You looked in my heart … You’d see how much I love every single person. You’d see how I believe in people. You’d see my love for my Savior. For the gospel. And for the people who matter most. You’d see how I want the very best  for you. Yes. You. You’d see my compassion and forgiving self. You’d see my gratitude for this life. You’d see how the gospel has changed me. Given me hope. And made me a different but better person. You’d see me, K.B.  

- ThE GiRL whO AlmoSt GoT in A fIGht ToNight. HA! -