Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DAy 15. Picture of Something I waNt to dO beFore I kiCk thE BuCket.

Love to go on a cruise...One day. :)
Cept.. with my luck the ship would break down. 
We'd all have to swim back to shore...
oh wait I can't swim. 
Maybe that's what I should do before 
I kick the BuCket. 

(I'm kb..and I can't even float in water) 

Still Waiting...

So ... I just want to play some real . legit. video game. Like one where you just go around with some sort of fancy gun and kill some fools. Is that to much to ask?? Pretty pretty please?! The end.
 (I'm kb... and I get chewed out by random homeless dudes who are not speaking English) 

Monday, April 4, 2011

DaY 14.WhO I CouLdn"T PiCturE thIs LifE wIthOut...

FAmIliEs aRe FoRever.. 
GoOd THinG. :) oh and LittlE Tennison Jean.
(I'm kb...and I say my A's funny or so I'm told) 

MuSIC MonDaY... SAy WhAt?!

                             YoUTuBe Tyler Ward... He's my new favOrite.
                                 LoVE this RemaKe. SomEwhere with You.
                                (I'm kb .... old men hit on me on a daily basis... um WeiRd. ) 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I GoT WormS...Psych! Just bangs. :)

No Stuff on My fAce.aka: Make to the Up.
aFter a Nice Run in My neW ORange pants! 

Can Life get any better?! I submit that it Cannot. Nope . This weekend was real grand. AnD here's why :) 

*Motorcycle Ride with B.D. StEph.
*Takin my New B.f.f's out for ice cream... giving them gangsta names.. and playing tunnel tag. Love Braydon and Megan....who cares if they are just little tykes.
*WalMarT ruN with the Girls. 
*Workin hard and gettin dirty from pushin carts all day. 50 carts in 20 minutes...yeah i did that. 
*Staying up late and sleeping in... :)
*General Conference.... So glad the church is TrUe
*Lazy SundAy with tHe faM
*2 WEekS till ReXbuRG. 
*and watchin teeN moM with the mADrE.

(I'm kb.. and I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.) 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 13... Picture of YoUr FaVoriTe BaNd or ArTisT.

                                          The Script. Need I say more? Check em.

                                        (I'm kb ...and I whistle to songs in the car.) 

BettER lATe thAN nEVeR riGHt?

Yesterday was insane... but such a great day. So I found this great idea on my friends blog and am gonna start doing it . It's called Fun Fact Friday: I share one random thing about me , kb. So todays or yesterdays random fact is : I yell at the T.V.. Yep I'm one of "those" people. It doesn't matter if I'm just really into what's on the television screen at the time or if I'm playin a real intense game of Mario Cart,...I will yell and my facial expressions will change dramatically every so often. Not sure why it's just how I roll. Take it or leave it.

(I'm kb... and I LOVE driving motorcycles)