Monday, January 24, 2011

Letting Go. ( my first song )

Lyrics to a song I wrote on the G'Tar!

just need a first verse :) any ideas let me know. It's a sad song so prepare yourself..

I thought that this would never end , 
because you were my dearest friend
At times I saw, our future bright, 
Yet other times, seemed dark as night

I'm letting go of yesterday
Tomorrow's just  tomorrow's just , so far away
How can something feel sooooo right 
When here I lie awake all night.

I don't know why that spark was lost
 or what lines we may have crossed 
Was it something that I said? 
 Or was this love bound to be dead?

I'm letting go of yesterday
Tomorrow's just  tomorrow's just , so far away
How can something feel sooooo right 
When here I lie awake all night.

I'm told some people come and go, 
and when they leave , we'll never know.
But i know one thing to be true,
For me to move on I must let go of you! 

Cuz I'm letting go , i'm letting go of yesterday,
tomorrow's not, tomorrow's not so far away
How can something feel soooo right 
yet now i'm sleeping all through the night? 

Let me know what you think . :) 

The BucKet... BefOre I kicK iT!

* StAnd on Top of MaChu PicChu
*SlEEp Under The StArS!
* Go oN a MotOrCyCle RiDe.
* Learn How to DanCe!
*DanCe iN the RaiN....LikE A fOOl.
* SeE SunSet and sUnRise in the same daY.
* rUnawaY for a DaY!
* RUn a MarAthon.
* AdoPt a ChilD.
* HaVe  A ConVersatioN that Lasts  All NighT.
* LeaRn hoW to SwIm..
*teAch SomeONe the GOSPEL!
* Write a song.. Learn to play it on the HaRmonIcA.
*GO on A RoAd TriP with my BEST FrIeNDS!
*NaMe A StAR*
*Shake HanDS with The ProphET
.....To be Continued..

The Joys Of Being a WALMART eMployEE...

So i Decided to make an entry about things i hear from Customers as your average cashier.

Me: I'm sorry mam it looks like your card expired 3 months ago.
Woman: Oh yeah i know that but i was just wondering if I could still use it....
My thought: SERIOUSLY?!

Me : Have a good day sir.
85 year old man: You sure are an Attractive Lady..
Me : Uh.. thanks :/

Man about 40 : Did you miss me Katie?
ME: Uh...yeah ...sure
Man: Ya know I forgot your name till now  but i didn't forget your smile
.Me after ringing up his groceries: Is that all for you today?
Man: And a date with you ....we can go anywhere within reason...
My thought: what the flip do i say to that?!
Me : have a good day sir.

Woman at self Check outs.... Scans one item and says it's the wrong price.. In the process of me fixing it she looks at the item then scans it again...Looks at me so confused and says, why did it ring up twice....My thought : Because YOU SCANNED IT TWICE! WOW!

Today I saw a middle aged man walk in wearing big loop earings, a tight mini skirt , and to top it off... Hooker boots! I love my job!

Some lovely individual decided to park directly in front of the cart caral so I was unable to get any carts out.. I know walmart is notorious for bad parking ... but Really??

I'm sure theres many more to follow so stay tuned :)